Secure Network Specialists

We invest in designing, building and delivering secure subsea and terrestrial connectivity.


Digital transformation and efforts to close Australia’s digital divide are ramping up the need for critical digital infrastructure that is resilient and reliable.


Australian households with at least one IoT device installed


Australia’s projected market value for cloud computing by 2025


Australians yet to gain access to affordable internet


Infrastructure with a nationwide impact

To provide all of Australia with enhanced network performance, connectivity and resiliency, Soda is invested in companies and projects that are playing a key role in transforming the nation’s digital infrastructure landscape.

We work with SUBCO, a leading provider of secure undersea network systems that are delivering geographically diverse, low-latency connectivity from Australia to the Middle East and beyond. The company’s 9,800km-long Oman Australia Cable (OAC) connects Perth with Muscat and soon Salalah, the Middle East’s new hyperscale interconnection hub, which will enable the lowest latency route from Australia to Europe.

Our second major infrastructure investment is HyperOne, Australia’s first hyperscale national fibre network. Once built, the high-speed telecommunications network will better connect regional and remote locations of Australia. A Deloitte Access Economics report estimated that the HyperOne network should also deliver more than $3bn in direct economic benefits.

“Ensuring Australian businesses and industry can share data quickly
and securely to global markets has never been more critical to our
country’s economic future.”