Soda’s digital infrastructure platform is focused on developing and investing in strategic digital assets critical to Australia’s prosperity and security.

"We're designing the infrastructure to power the massive digital transformation that is happening."

Bevan Slattery

SODA has a strong track record of solving some of the big problems in Australia’s digital infrastructure landscape having built competitive fibre networks, submarine cables, data centers and cloud interconnection platforms. In doing so, SODA has developed some of Australia’s most successful technology and digital infrastructure companies, including NextDC, Megaport, Superloop, Asia Pacific Data Centre Trust and PIPE Networks.

Over the last two decades SODA has created a highly strategic ecosystem of critical digital infrastructure and global partnerships which has delivered unique insights on key global megatrends and allowed SODA to position its portfolio and new projects accordingly.

SODA’s current investment portfolio includes the Sydney to Singapore submarine cable Indigo, the 10,000km Oman Australia Cable (OAC) currently being installed between Perth Australia and Barka, Oman and Australia’s first hyperscale backbone, the 20,000km $1.5 billion HyperOne network.

The digital landscape is exponentially growing.

Demand for critical digital infrastructure is expected to continue to grow exponentially with the rise of cloud computing, the Internet of Things and further digitisation of industry and society more broadly. Continued innovation and investment is required to get ahead of the curve and support the continued growth, prosperity and security of our nation.

The strategic nature of the portfolio and assets under development, and the insights it brings from its global relationships, position SODA as a partner of choice in the ownership and further development of digital infrastructure in Australia and more broadly.

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