Backing Australian grown businesses

We invest in ideas that are homegrown and here to innovate.

Soda Ventures

Investing in tomorrow’s ideas, today.

Big or small, every innovation starts with an idea. Soda is always on the lookout for next-generation ideas that have the potential to disrupt, innovate and transform their respective industries. By leveraging our team’s technical expertise, thought leadership and deep global network, we invest in and strive to support Australian entrepreneurs in building large, sustainable and innovative companies.

Soda also works with government and industry partners to support homegrown ventures and opportunities in tech and sustainability. Importantly, Soda is a proud foundation member of the Tech Council of Australia whose mission is to shape Australia’s digital future, together.

“I firmly believe every person should try and start a business by the time they are 30. Everyone seems to aspire to work for someone, but really, we are all potential entrepreneurs. The size or success of the venture isn’t anywhere near as important as the business skills and life lessons you take away from it.”