SODA partners and invests in disruptive business models that challenge the status quo. These businesses leverage technology to transform their industry and enhance the customer experience in a way that has never been done before.

"I love seeing the drive in people's eyes when they are passionate about their ideas."

Bevan Slattery

An innovation hub for tomorrow's ideas

By leveraging the team’s technical expertise, thought leadership and deep global network, SODA aims to assist Australian entrepreneurs in building large, sustainable and innovative companies as they execute a domestic and global growth strategy.

When assessing a potential investment, SODA considers the following factors:

  • Use of technology to drive innovation and disruption;
  • Industry dynamics and market positioning;
  • Shareholder and management alignment;
  • Sustainability from an operational and environmental, social and governance standpoint;
  • Capital requirements and deployment plan; and
  • How SODA can actively partner and bring value to the platform.
As SODA is focussed on capital growth, a patient and measured approach to investment is taken. If we believe in a business and invest, then our goal is to adopt an active management approach to help founders and management to execute on core growth strategies and take the platform to the next level.

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