Bevan Slattery

Serial entrepreneur

Bevan Slattery is recognised as one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs having founded some of Australia’s most successful technology companies.

In 2002, Slattery co-founded PIPE Networks which grew to become Australia’s largest Internet Exchange and Australia’s third-largest metropolitan fibre network provider – with over 1,500km of fibre in five cities connecting 80 data centres, 250 Telstra exchanges, and over 1000 buildings. In 2008, PIPE Networks proceeded with the construction of the $200m Sydney to Guam cable (PPC-1) with the project being completed in October 2009. PIPE Networks was sold to TPG for an enterprise value of $420m in May 2010.

In 2010, Slattery founded NEXTDC Limited (ASX: NXT), with a vision to become Australia’s largest independent data center provider. Having raised over $200m, NEXTDC launched data centres in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney, and began works in Perth, making NEXTDC Australia’s largest data centre provider in terms of geography and IT power capability.

In 2013, Slattery established Megaport (ASX: MP1) as the world’s first SDN-based elastic interconnection platform designed to provide a secure, seamless, and on-demand way for enterprises, networks, and services to interconnect. Bevan successfully launched Megaport in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong before the business was acquired by Megaport Limited in August 2015. Bevan oversaw Megaport’s listing on the ASX in December 2015.

Also in 2013, Slattery founded Superloop Limited (ASX: SLC) with a vision to become the leading independent provider of connectivity services across the Asia Pacific region and the US. Superloop was listed on the ASX in July 2015.

In addition to these success stories, Slattery founded Biopixel, Australia’s leading production service provider for natural history and animal behavioural sequences with a focus on aquatic life; Cloudscene, the world’s largest platform for searching cloud and connectivity services; SubPartners, a submarine cable operator and Indigo Cable investor; and SUB.CO, an Independent specialist submarine cable development group constructing the new Oman Australia Cable (OAC).

Bevan’s entrepreneurial success is highlighted in having listed a record five companies on the Australian Stock Exchange and receiving a multitude of industry awards including the EY Champion of Entrepreneurship Award in 2016, the Charles Todd Medal, and the Pearcy Foundation’s Benson Entrepreneur Award as well as being inducted into the Commsday and the ARN Hall of Fames.


Significant previous businesses that Bevan has founded include:

  • Asia Pacific Data Centre Trust (ASX: AJD), an ASX‐listed REIT listed in December 2012;
  • NEXTDC Limited (ASX: NXT), an ASX‐listed leading provider of data center services founded in 2010;
  • PIPE Networks Limited (ASX: PWK), formerly ASX‐listed telecommunications provider co‐founded in 2001 and sold to TPG Telecom Ltd.


Bevan currently serves in various positions for both public and private companies, some of which are highlighted below:

  • Executive Chairman of Superloop Limited (ASX: SLC);
  • Executive Director and Chairman of Megaport Limited (ASX: MP1);
  • Executive Director and CEO of SubPartners Pty Limited;
  • Executive Director of Cloudscene Pty Limited;
  • Executive Chairman of Biopixel Pty Limited;


Award 2009

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Award 2010

National Charles Todd Medal

Award 2011

Young Entrepreneur Trailblazer of the Year

Award 2016

YE Champion of Entrepreneurs

Award 2017

Commsday Hall of Fame

Award 2021

ARN Hall of Fame